A Guide to Using Dumpster Rental Services

Cleaning up a house after completing a renovation project can be challenging. The debris that will be left lying around may not fit into an average sized waste bin. One of the main challenges of trash removal is disposing it off properly. In order to get rid of the trash without straining, you can take advantage of dumpster rental services. If you use the services of a dumpster rental firm, it will take on the responsibility of delivering and picking up the dumpster from your property. The company will then dispose the contents of the container in an environmentally friendly manner. The following are the steps you should take when renting a trash container.

hire1Choose a dumpster of the right size

In order to choose the most appropriate dumpster, you should consider the amount of waste you need to dispose. If you need to dispose of a small amount of trash, you can lease a small container such as a ten or twenty yard dumspster. If you need to dispose of a large amount of waste, you can lease a thirty or forty yard dumpster. You can also inform a dumpster rental firm about the nature of the project you are completing so that it can help you select a container of the right size.

Learn more about rental policies

As you lease a dumpster, it is essential to speak with various firms that lease dumpsters in your area and inquire about their rental policies. Inquire about the weight included in the pricing, standard rental period and the materials that you cannot place into the waste receptacle. Some of the items that are usually restricted include appliances, paint, tires, chemicals, motor oil, gasoline and devices that have electrical power plugs.

Compare leasing costs

The cost of leasing a dumpster usually depends on the landfill fees in your area, the size of the receptacle you need and the company you choose to work with. Most dumpster rental firms quote a flat rate for delivery, pickup and disposal. As you compare the prices charged by different firms, ask how long you can use the container and how much you will pay if the container is too full. You should also find out if extra charges will be applied for any reason.

Schedule a delivery

After you find a firm that charges reasonable fees, you should inform it about the date when the container should be delivered. Ideally, you should ask the company to deliver the container one day before the day you intend to use it. A dumpster can be placed anywhere that is accessible to the truck that will deliver and pick it up. However, you should make sure that the container does not block the traffic on your street. If you do not have room to place the container on your property, you can place it on the street after getting a permit from your local parking enforcement office.

Request pickup

After you load the debris into the dumpster, you should call the dumpster rental firm and request it to pick up the container. The firm will pick it up and haul it away to a recycling center, transfer station or landfill.



Using the services of a dumpster rental firm is the most convenient way to get rid of waste after a remodeling project. You can also lease a dumpster when you are completing a landscaping project. For the best results, you should use the services of a reputable dumpster rental firm such as Eagle Dumpster Rental. You can learn more about the services offered by this company at Eagle Dumpster Rental

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